Direct Primary Care

Personalized Care, Your Way.

Experience Personalized Healthcare with Direct Primary Care

At My Health and Wellness, we are dedicated to your health and well-being through our Direct Primary Care (DPC) services. Our approach revolves around fostering robust doctor-patient relationships and providing personalized, comprehensive care, free from the constraints of traditional insurance-based models.

We prioritize quality over quantity. Unlike conventional family practices that manage patient loads in the thousands, our DPC practice maintains an intimate setting where each physician attends to only hundreds of patients. This ensures that every individual receives the focused attention and thorough care they deserve.

  • Personalized Attention: Experience longer appointment times and personalized care from our healthcare team, ensuring your concerns are addressed thoroughly.
  • Comprehensive Services: Access a wide range of primary care services, including preventive care, chronic disease management, and acute illness care, all under one roof.
  • Transparent Pricing: Enjoy transparent and affordable pricing without the hassle of insurance billing, helping you budget for your healthcare needs more effectively.
  • Focus on Prevention: Prioritize your long-term health with our emphasis on preventive care and health promotion, empowering you to live a healthier lifestyle.
  • Strong Doctor-Patient Relationships: Build a strong and trusting relationship with your primary care provider, fostering open communication and collaboration in your healthcare journey.

Member Benefits

Comprehensive Annual Physical Exams

Receive thorough evaluations of your overall health to detect any underlying issues early on.

Preventive Screenings and Immunizations

Stay up-to-date on important screenings and vaccinations to maintain your health and prevent diseases.

Management of Chronic Conditions

Receive personalized care and support to manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and asthma effectively.

Acute Illness and Injury Care

Get prompt attention and treatment for acute illnesses and injuries to expedite your recovery.

Lifestyle Counseling and Health Education

Receive guidance on making healthy lifestyle choices and managing stress to optimize your well-being.

Coordination of Specialty Care and Referrals

Benefit from our network of specialists and seamless coordination of care when you need specialized treatment.

We’re here to keep you healthy

We are based in Miami and offer a variety of services including preventive care, medical screenings, immunizations, and lab testing. Our expertise extends to direct primary care services, as well as red light therapy, known for its effectiveness in pain relief, skin rejuvenation, and improving circulation.